Great Feast is a new space to order meal kits from some of London’s best restaurants, join wellbeing workshop, attend events and experience supper clubs which merge the digital and physical world. We partner with independent food businesses, wellbeing studios and brands with purpose. 

Founded by Dominic Cools-Lartigue and Bejay Mulenga, Great Feast was created as a way for people to order food and attend events in a way that’s more sustainable for independent businesses, the wider community and the planet (you can read more about our environmental and community policies here). 

Our first major event, The Great Feast of London combined food delivery with digital music events, wellbeing classes and experience. It was created as a way to support our charity partner A Plate For London, which we continue to raise funds for: every meal ordered through Great Feast is matched with one for a Londoner in need. 

Currently we deliver restaurant meal kits across London every Friday. By adopting a pre-order system with the food delivered fresh or cold and heated at home, we’re able to help our partner restaurants operate in a more economically – and environmentally sustainable – way. We also take a lower cut of the bill for food orders to provide a fairer, more supportive arrangement for the businesses we work with than the prevailing on-demand platforms.

Our wellbeing programme was born out of the belief that food is inseparable from mental and physical health, self-care and care for the environment. You can take part in our growing list of classes and workshops here, and we also have a soon to launch online magazine which looks at issues and stories which intersect food, culture, wellbeing, politics and society. 

We’ll be launching a new programme of food and wellbeing events in the coming months, so please do stay tuned. We hope to meet you at one very soon, whether it be online or in person. In the meantime, please do check out all the restaurant meal kits we have available.